Parcel News: February 24

Parcel is putting the finishing touches on our next issue, to be out soon! While we’re busy with layout and copyediting, feast your eyes on these updates about our amazing contributors:

An essay by Laurence Ross appears in Pelican Bomb.

We love this amazing animation of Sam Martone‘s fiction by Emma Hadley. Read more work by Sam in the new issue of Waxwing.

Fiction by Kim Magowan appears at Hobart, as well as an essay at Arroyo Literary Review.

A poem by Callista Buchen will appear in a Political Punch: Contemporary Poems on the Politics of Identity, a new anthology from Sundress Publications.

An essay by Caitlin Thornbrugh is featured at Honest Noise.

The Psychology of Animals Swallowed Alive, short fiction by Kirsty Logan, is available from Found Press.

Poetry by José Hérnandez Díaz is featured in the new issue of Gigantic Sequins.

Contributor Iris Ann Moulton’s story, “Adsila, Wyoming” is the winner of Western Humanities Review‘s prose contest.

Christopher Salerno‘s poetry is featured in Guernica and Sixth Finch. Congrats to Christopher for winning the Georgia Poetry Prize as well!

Contributor Matt Morton interviews Darby Price at The Collagist. Matt’s poetry is also featured at LitRagger.

Poetry by Cody Ernst appears in the new issue of Devil’s Lake.

Brian Oliu is interviewed at Hobart.

Poetry by Adam Tavel appears in Valparaiso Poetry Review and The Cumberland River Review. His new book, The Fawn Abyss, is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry.

Poetry by Lauren Camp is featured at A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments and Heron Tree.